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Training & Placement Cell ​

To reduce the gap between candidate skills + knowledge and the industry needs by producing capable resources equipped with personality development and campus recruitment training along with professional etiquette & providing them the best possible opportunities to succeed in their career.

The mission of the Training & Placement Cell is to help students clarify their educational and career goals as well as acquire employment-seeking skills and ultimately attain desired employment. Training and Placement Cell arranges and coordinates various programmes that aim at molding the students so as to meet the industry expectations in career building and in turn bring success to the parent institution.

  • “To develop the students in academic excellence and professional knowledge with ethical leadership to make them globally acceptable Computer engineers.”
  • “To provide the solutions for the industrial problems and contribute to technical knowledge on continuous basis in the area of Computer Science & Engineering.”
  • To enhance the employability skills among the students to meet out

  the corporate expectations.

  • To improve the industry – institute relationships.
  • To place all the students in the prospective IT and Core Companies.
  • To enhance the student’s interest towards the entrepreneurship and business strategies.
  • To place minimum 70% students in the industry of their choice in

   world class/ fortune 500 companies.

  • To motivate the students for higher education & to provide guidance

  so that, they should get admission in reputed institutes.

  • Each student is eligible for only one job offer.
  • If a student receives more than one offer owing to delays in the announcements of results by the companies, the student is bound to accept the job offer whose results are declared earlier
  • If the results are declared on the same day, the student may choose from the offers in hand and inform the placement office of his choice, within 24 hours of announcement of results.
  • Students from streams like Mechanical, Electrical & EXTC will be allowed to sit for campus drive of core companies even if they have offers from Software/ IT companies.
  • Every student who is selected by a company is out of placement thereafter i.e. deregistered from the placement office.
  • If a student has been recruited by a company, the concerned student will not be allowed to appear for any other interview for placement arranged by the college. However, placed students may be considered to sit for other drives on a visit of Companies offering higher package (approximately double package*) or a core stream companny.
  • Offers received from companies must be collected from T & P Department/ Company as per timings in notice. The responsibility of going through the offer letter and taking further actions such as signing and accepting and sending it back to the Company lies entirely on the student. In case offers are received directly by the student from the company, the same must be intimated to the Placement office.

Joining Status: In case, a student decides not to join where he got selected, he should inform the company in writing with reasons at earliest and also required to submit a copy of that letter/mail to the Placement Office.

Dress Code:  Students must be formally dressed whenever they participate in any Placement activity. This office reserves the right to refuse permission to a student to attend the same, if their attire is unsatisfactory.

Identity Cards : Students must bring their identity cards with them whenever they go through a placement process in campus or off campus.

Grounds on which STUDENT/S could be DEBARRED from PLACEMENT:

  1. i) Student may be debarred from the placement if he/ she is found involved in any

    Indisciplinary activity or engaged in fraudulent practices.

  1. ii) Any student who have less than 75 % attendance in Training Programs organized by the Institute will not be allowed to participate in Placement Activity.

iii) Any Eligible student consecutively not participating in 2 recruitment  drives without prior information to T & P.

  1. iv) The details of the resume have to be genuine and any student found violating this rule will be debarred from the placements for the rest of the academic year.
  2. v) Student cannot drop out from selection process once he/she has been shortlisted.

Note: For all matters not covered by the above stated, the Management of the Institute will use its own discretion to take appropriate decisions from time to time and case to case.

Our Recruiters

Placement Glimpses

Training & Placement Activities

Sr.No.Name of FacultyDesignationDepartment
1Dr. Sahebagouda SanganagoudarTraining & Placement Officer (TPO)MECH
2Prof. Mishra S.B.Placement CoordinatorMECH
3Prof. Dhavale G.K.Training CoordinatorMECH
4Prof. Dhavale S.R.Placement CoordinatorCSE
6Dr. Kazi K.S.Placement CoordinatorEXTC
7Prof. Nagane S.S.Training CoordinatorEXTC
8Prof. Shamalik J.A.Placement CoordinatorELECT
9Prof. Auti A.B.Training CoordinatorELECT
10Prof. Sonawane M.N.Training CoordinatorMBA
11Dr. Sayyad I.M.Placement CoordinatorMBA
  • Placement
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Ice breaking solutions
  • Where do you stand in Race?
  • Paper Pattern Recognition
  • Aptitude
  • Group Discussion
  • Interview



Name of Program

Name of Institute / Expert

Year & Branch



Expert Session on topic

 ” Enhancing the employability skills of the engineering students & to define product strategy,   roadmaps, milestones in engineering projects

Mr. Pratap Sanap ( Solution Architect with Persistent Systems’ research lab)


21st July 2018


One day workshop on

Industrial Automation System”

Mr. Kunal Wakhare (Manager- Business Development, Sofcon India Pvt Ltd, Pune)


14th August 2018


Aptitude Training Program (Slot 4)- GD & PI

APT- TECH Pvt Ltd, Kolhapur- Mr. Naveen


23rd & 24th August 2018


Expert session on topic

“Studying Abroad, Myths about

studying abroad”

Mr. Chetan Jain ( Managing Director Of Study Smart Overseas Education & IELTS Training)


27th August 2018

Sr. No.

Name of Program

Name of Institute / Expert

Year & Branch



 One day workshop on topic

 ” Goal setting & importance of soft skills”

Mr. Anish Sahasrabudhe 

(A Cricket Umpire, A Chef, A Master Of Ceremony, An Event Manager, A Corporate Trainer, A Restaurant Owner, A Life Coach, A Motivational Speaker)


3rd September 2018


Aptitude training sessions

Mrs. Anuja Modak


From 6th Sept 18 to 16th Oct 18


Expert session on topic “Enhancing the employability skills of the engineering students.

Mr. Surykant Katke (Upper treasure Officer, Finance Dept, Govt. of Maharashtra) 


27th Feb 2019


Expert Session on topic ” Career opportunities after graduation“


Mr. Mayur Vaidya (HR Manager), BDI Group, Mumbai


11th Feb 2019