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About Solapur

Solapur is one of the districts in Western Maharashtra, situated near the borders of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It is the administrative headquarters of north & south Solapur district which consist of Eleven Talukas. It’s famous for a textile capital in Maharashtra. Thus, making the largest exporter of Turkish Towels and garments. Also, it is well known for medical Facilities..

Solapur is hub for Engineering Studies. The Solapur University is located in city itself hence, easy to access for the student.

The city is well connected to rest of India by Road and Rail. It is also an important junction situated on north -south railway to most cities and districts. It is also array of small scale and large scale industries. It is also exporter in terms of Grapes, Sugar and Pomegranates.

Most famous Pilgrims are in Maharashtra nearby Solapur like Siddheshwar Temple and lake, Pandharpur is South Kashi of Maharashtra situated on Bank of the river Bhima (70 km) - Lord Vithoba Temple.

Pune to Solapur

Distance : 243 K.M.

Time by Rail : 04 hours

Time by Road : 05 hours

Mumbai to Solapur

Distance : 406 K.M.

Time by Rail : 08:15 hours

Time by Road : 11 hours

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