Language Laboratory


Language Laboratory

Communication is the most important aspect of the current scenario of work.Presentation skills play a major role along with the educational qualifications.

From placements to future promotional aspects, communication skills are required everywhere. Taking the same into consideration, BMIT, provides students with the facility of Language Laboratory.

Laboratory in-charge assists the students to develop every aspect of personality and communication skills by maintaining a high level of interaction.

What is a Language Laboratory?

A Language Laboratory comprising of multimedia enabled computers and a language software that enhances the communication skills of a student and aids the student with regards to preparation for the corporate world and further education.

What is the significance of a Language Laboratory?

The Communication laboratory develops the following aspects of the student:

• Enhancing the level of language.
• Improving and developing the basic grammatical skills.
• Enhancing conversational skills.
• Improvement in confidence level.
• Increasing vocabulary.
• Preparing the students better for the competent exams in terms of language.
• Improvement in the pronunciation.
• Improvement in sentence formation
• Performance evaluation

Laboratory details:

Number of computers: 15

Number of headphones: 15