Kai. Amadar Brahmdevdada Mane Shikshan Va. Samajik Pratishthan, Belati Sanchalit.


Hostel – Infrastructure:

The hostel campus houses about — boys & — girl students. Further it comprises of hostel office, security room, and guest house of three rooms.

Hostel – Amenities:

1. The students are provided with basic amenities like cot, table, chair, cupboard in their rooms. The rooms are spacious, airy, and illuminated with the surroundings landscaped with greenery. The water supply is for 24 hours.

2. A generator ensures electric power supply to messes and common rooms.

3. The college gymkhana ground (about 6.5 acres) is near the hostel for playing cricket, hockey, volley ball, foot ball, basket ball, tennis and jogging.

4. The Volleyball are floodlit allowing students to play late in the evening.

5. There is a internet lab with 50 machines for both boys and girls with 4 Mbps connectivity.

6. The hostel campus maintenance like cleaning /sweeping, pest control is out sourced. The electrical repairs and security services are round the clock.

Hostel – Dispensary:

A facility of visiting doctor with a separate dispensary block within the hostel premises is available. Separate Doctors are available for boys and girls.

Hostel – Telephone Booth:

A 24/7 telephone booth with STD/ ISD facility is available in the Hostel.

Hostel – Rules and Regulations:

i. No Students shall be absent from the Hostel without the prior permission of the Warden concerned.

ii. Students who discontinue for their studies in the middle of the session are required to hand over their rooms immediately to the Warden.

iii. All students are required to surrender their rooms to the Warden within three days after the final examination of the course is over.

iv. No students should entertain unauthorized guest.

v. The Institute reserves the right to deny entry into the Hostel to visitors if their visit is likely to disturb the peace and order of the Hostel.

vi. All Students shall be responsible for the furniture and fittings of the rooms allotted to them and in case of any loss or damage to the furniture, the will deduct from the hostel security deposit.

vii. Institute reserve the right to take disciplinary action including cancellation of allotment of accommodation the hostels, for violation of Hostel rules.

viii. The Students are not allowed to remove any property from the dining room, common room or the visitors room to their own rooms.

ix. Use of any unauthorized electrical gadgets is not permitted in the rooms. Any tempering with electrical fixtures will be treated as will full damage to the Hostel property. Necessary action will be taken as decided by the Hostel advisory Committee.

x. Any disciplinary action will be taken by the Hostel Management Committee.


Ragging is strictly prohibited. The Maharashtra Legislative Council has passed a bill (L C Bill Number ix of 1999) to prohibit ragging in educational institutions in the State of Maharashtra on 7th April 1999. As per this bill – Ragging within or outside of any educational institution is strictly prohibited.

RAGGING of students, physically or mentally, is a black spot on the society and is a cognizable offence. The students who have to face ragging can lose their mental stability and can spoil their lives. All the students are requested not to do such inhuman & cruel act and eradicate this evil from the society completely. If any student, is found involved in ragging of juniors or any student, then matter will be handled very seriously. The student may be rusticated and the case may be handed over to the Police,