Kai. Amadar Brahmdevdada Mane Shikshan Va. Samajik Pratishthan, Belati Sanchalit.

Electronics & Telecomm. Engg

Prof. J M Patil (HOD)

It gives me immense pleasure putting forth brief replica of aims, objectives, environment, infrastructure, facilities, faculty and campus of E&TC department. While pursuing the academic excellence, we take every care of all round personality development leading towards excellent career by paying attention to every individual student. Teaching learning process needs a conductive environment, liberty and discipline therefore decent discipline, yet healthy atmosphere emerging lively educational scenario is special attraction of our department. To make the students of BMIT as globally recognized E&TC engineer, the department has applied for NBA.


“To be recognized department as  centre of Excellence in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication.”


  • To developed the students in academic excellence and professional knowledge With either leadership to make them globally acceptable Electronics and Telecommunication  engineers.
  • To provide the solution for the industrial problems and contribute to technical knowledge on continuous basis in the area of Electronics and Telecommunication.


As a part of industry institute interaction the department have MOU with various industries and carried out certification courses for the students. Classroom instructions are supplemented with guest & expert lectures, seminar and frequent visits to industry like ISRO, in-plant training, industry oriented project works. Department has appointed student counselor for group of 15 student to aid & advice students fostering both personal & professional development.

Staff NameDesignationQualificationTotal ExpEmail IdPhoto
Prof. Patil J M




ME (E&TC)11 yearsjatin.manoj.patil@bmionline.co.in
Prof.Mr. Solwat K. B.Assistant ProfessorM. E. (Electronics)10 yearskimyanand.bharat.solwat@bmionline.co.in
Prof.Mr.Gund V DAssociate ProfessorM.E (Electronics)19 Yearsvivekanand.dattatray.gund@bmionline.co.in 
Prof.Mr. Nagarkar R PAssistant Professor &  TPOM.E. (E AND TC ENGG)
14 years 

Prof.Mr. Nagane S S


Assistant ProfessorME (Electronics)9 Yearsswanand.sudhakar.nagane@bmionline.co.in

Prof. Mali D G

Assistant ProfessorME (E&TC)

11.8 Teaching

2 Years industrial

Lab Photo Lab Name(Area) Lab Details (Major Equipment )

Communication lab

(90 Sq. Meter)

CVSD trainer Kit, DSO-025C1, Analog CRO, Sampling & Reconstruction  kit
Advance communication lab (90 Sq. Meter) Monochrome TV Receiver, VHF/UHF tuner in TV receiver, DSO-025C1, Analog CRO,
Project lab (110 sq. cm) Analog CRO, Dual Power Supply, Zenith computer, Function generator, CRO
EDC lab (90 sq. cm) CB CE CC amplifier kit, Half wave rectifier kit, Full wave rectifier kit, Frequency response of CS amplifier kit, Dual power supply, Function generator, CRO
ESL lab (90 sq. cm)
VLSI lab (90 sq. cm)
Digital Techniques Lab (110sq.meter) Digital Trainer Kit’s, Digital IC tester, Analog CRO’s,
Sr no Title Level Arranged by Name of Faculty Dates of Program
1 Refresher Course on Teacher and Teaching in Higher Education National ARPIT Mrs. S. A. Kashid 01/09/2019 to 15/01/2020      ( 20 Weeks – online)
2 One week Latex FDP National SGU and Spoken Tutorial, IIT Bombay Mrs. S. A. Kashid 27/04/2020 to 02/05/2020
3 Effective Proposal Writing for Research and Funding National Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik Mrs. S. A. Kashid 13/05/2020 to 18/05/2020
4 One week FDP  on Opportunities and Challenges in Electronics and allied Industries in India post Covid-19 National Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology, Mumbai Mrs. S. A. Kashid 25/05/2020 to 30/05/2020
5 Two week FDP  on Virtual Labs National Vidyavardhini’s College of Engineering and Technology Mrs. S. A. Kashid 18/05/2020 to 27/05/2020
6 One week STTP on Patenting for Innovations National Sanjivani College of Engineering Kopargaon Mrs. S. A. Kashid 25/05/2020 to 29/05/2020
7 One week FDP  on Artificial Intelligence National DRGIT&R, Amaravati Mrs. S. A. Kashid 22/05/2020 to 26/05/2020
8 Webinar on Outcome based Education National JayrajAnnapackiam College for Women, Periyakulam, Tamilnadu Mrs. S. A. Kashid 22/05/2020 to 29/05/2020
9 WORKSHOP on LaTeX !!! National IIT, Bombay Mr. Solwat K. B. 14/05/2020 to 17/05/2020
10 Webinar on 4G 5G and beyond National Amruthvahini Engineering Sangamner Mr. V D Gund 22/5/2020
11 Webinar on Intellectual Property Right Processes National Sanjay Bhokare Group of  Institute Miraj Mr.VD.Gund 22/5/2020
12 One Week FDP on Phython 3.4.3 National Sir Vivesweraya Institute of technology Nashik Mr.Gund V D 25 may to 30 may 2020
13 Webinar on Smart management of Reactive Power National RSCOE Pune Mr.Gund V D 17 may 2020
14 A webinar on To do list for organization to totrive post covid 19 National Sandip Institute of technology Nashik Mr.Gund V D 19 may 2020
15 A webinar on career  options for Graduates in Electronics  Engineers National Govt college of Engineering ,Avasari Mr.Gund V D 26 may 2020
16 One week online faculty Development Program “Overcoming the challenges in Adaptive online Technology in Teaching Learning National Jhulelal Institute of Technology ,Nagpur Mr.Gund V D 6 to 11 may 2020
17 Webinar on IOT and Enabling Technologies National PVG,Pune Mr.Gund V D 26 may 2020
18 Webinar on Renewable Energy Sources National MET,Nashik Mr.Gund V D 21/5/2020
19 Webinar on “Future of training and placement is remote” National Grayatom and Matpo Mr. Nagarkar R.P. 3/5/2020
20 Webinar on” staying placement positive” National GTT Mr. Nagarkar R.P. 5/5/2020
21 One week FDP o. ” Effective proposal writing for research and funding” National SITR, Nashik Mr. Nagarkar R.P. 13/5/2020 to 18/5/2020
22 Webinar on Intellectual property rights National Bharti Vidyapeeth college of engineering for women, Pune Mr. Nagarkar R.P. 30/5/2020
23 STTP on Arduino State RajarshiShahuCollge of Engg. Tathwade,Pune Mr. Nagane S. S.


24 Conference onantenna design State Orchid engg. Solapur Mr. Naganes.s 1/1/2018
25 STTP on control system National NBN solapur Mr. Nagane S.S. 25/04/2019
Academic Year wise(SEM 1 and SEM 2) up to 2 years
Rank No. Name of student Class  Mark
Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Other Authors if any Title of paper/ Book Name of Jounal (with UGC Journal No.) ISSN/ISBN of Journal Month and Year of Publication Volume no./ Issue No. Level
1 Mr. Nagane S. S. Reviews paper of Types of antenna IJSR March 2017
2 Mr. Nagane S.S Design and simulation of Patch antenna IJSRD Nov. 2018
3 Mr. Nagane S.S Miss. MuskanDange Railway track fault detection IJIRT March 2019 2349-6002
4 Mr. Nagane S.S Miss. Priyanka pawar Simulation of microchips Patch antenna by using HFSS IJIRT March 2019 2349-6002
Sr. No. Name of Student Name of the Company
1 Jadhav Supriya Subhash TOP IT Academy, Pune
2 Patil Chaitali Ganpati TOP IT Academy, Pune
3 Karale Nikita Digambar TOP IT Academy, Pune
4 Achalere Puja Sidharam TOP IT Academy, Pune
5 Rathod Nisha Shankar TOP IT Academy, Pune
6 Karale Nikita Digambar Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
7 Achalere Puja Sidharam Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
8 Lalsare Suhasini Balu Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
9 Kate Pranjali Rajendra Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
10 Jadhav Supriya Subhash Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
11 Patil chaitali Ganpati Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
12 Rathod Nisha Shankar Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
13 Bhopale Pragati Anil Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
14 Kandi Navnath Sheshnath Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
15 Kokate Vaishanvi Amar Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
16 Gaikwad Ashit Goutam Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
17 Chendake Amogsidha Dattatray Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
18 Sutar Bhagyshri Topanna Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
19 Salbatte Rohit Arjun Dhoot Transmission Pvt Ltd, Pune
20 Karale Nikita Digambar Qspiders, Pune
21 Kokate Vaishanvi Amar JNS Instruments Pvt Ltd, Pune
Sr. No. Name of Staff Designation Qualification Email-id Total Experience
1 Ms. Payal Walmiki System Asst. BE(ENTC) Payalwalmiki12@gmail.com 01
2 Mr. SamadaniMhatabsabMattekhane System Asst. Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking Mattekhane.samdani27@gmail.com 14