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College Administration Department

College Office comprises of three sections :

1. General Administration

2. Accounts

3. Stores

Brief Information :

1. General Administration section deals with

Preparation of proposal for: seeking Extension of Approval, Addition of new Course, Increase in Intake, Affiliation, Fees Approval and any proposal required to be submitted to Government offices like University, All India Council for Technical Education and Directorate of Technical Education.

Executing the process for: Admission, University Examinations, and Scholarships.

Correspondence with; AICTE, DTE, University and Parents/Students.

Correspondence for RTI queries.

Issue of documents: different certificates like Bonafide, Estimates, LC/TC to students and Experience Certificate, Appointment Order etc. to Staff.

Record keeping for: students like Original Documents, General Register, Admission Record, Examination Record and Service Books, Personal files, Attendance record related to staff.

2. Accounts section is responsible for all financial transactions with students, staff, and suppliers of the institution and other transactions. Accounts section deals with financial accounting of the institute, keeps all the records related to Audit Yearly financial budget, Receipts and payments of all suppliers, Receipt of fees from students, Scholarship of students and Salary of staff. Accounts department conduct internal audit if required.

3. Store section is responsible for purchasing, keeping proper inventory of goods, disposal of goods etc. Section deals with purchasing of material e.g. stationary, furniture, electrical and electronics goods and equipments required in the institute, Record keeping such as dead stock register, gate pass, purchase bills etc. Also store is responsible for distribution of goods and housekeeping.

Sr. No. Name of Staff Designation Contact No
1. Mr. Uppin Anand Siddharam Asst. Registrar 9767107164
2. Mr.Patil Vijaykumar Eknath O.S. 9767107003
3. Mr.Bhopale Vipul Appasaheb Admin. Officer 9011123366
4. Mr.Mane Manish Madhukar Asst. P.R.O. 9767107010
5. Mr.Patil Shrishail Annarao Sr. Asst. 9767107071
6. Mr.Md. Saleem A. Rauf Shaikh P.A. to Principal 9767107006
7. Mr.Nannaware Shankar Navnath Accounts Officer 9767107007
8. Mr.Shevgar Ananad Suresh Accountant 9767107075
9. Mr.Kanaki Krishnakant Hanmant Typist 9767107069
10. Mr.Pawar Sachin Dattatray Jr. Asst. 9767107066
11. Mr.Mane Shashikant Manik Asst. Store Keeper 9767107289
12. Mr.Shinde Balu Yeshwant Hostel Rector 9767107011
13. Mr.Patil Ravindranath Raghunath Tech. Asst. 9767107040
14. Shaikh Majid Lalsaheb Jr. Asst. 9881817687
Library Section
1. Ghadage Parmeshwar Bajirao Asst. Librarian 9767107284
2. Battul Prashant Ramesh Record Asst. 9767107285
3. Survase Datta Babu Peon 8412077113
Drivers, Peons and Watchmens
1. Raut Dattatray Dnyaneshwar Peon 8888838273
2. Swami Somnath Siddhling Peon 9823210299
3. Shinde Sourabh Sidram Peon 9373960553
4. Shaikh Jameer Dastigir Peon 9767107019
5. Mrs Mhamane Sangeeta Mahadeo Peon 9767107018
6. Chalwade Parshuram Shankar Cleaner 9767107037
7. Chavan Umesh Ramesh Watchmen 9767107091
8. Shastre Ram Dhondiaba Driver 9284232862
9. Patil Ganesh Pandit Peon 8390908511
10. Manjule Dattu Laxman Cleaner
11. Randive Sajjan Masa Sweaper 8390908506
12. Nagane Abhimanyu Bhika Driver 9421029316
13. Gaikwad Tanaji Kuber Driver 8605077308
14. Katkar Sudhakar Pundlik Peon 9168617894
15. Gaikwad Shivaji Dattu Peon
16. Mrs. Shinde Sonabai Hiralal Sweeper
17. Havale Rajshri Sitaram Sweeper
18. Chavan Bhagyashri Bharat Peon
19. Shaikh Amin Farid Watchman 9767107015
20. Mote Bapu Malhari Watchman 9623791901
21. Patil Prakash M Driver

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